Personalization for WordPress

The best way to add Personalization to your WordPress site experience with the Block Editor

An open laptop showing the PersonalizeWP WordPress plugin
The PersonalizeWP user interface showing rules that can be selected


PersonalizeWP is a plugin that allows you to start using WordPress as a digital experience platform, adding personalization and conditional rules to the content that your users see and can interact with.

PersonalizeWP allows content editors to compete with commercial enterprise platforms by personalizing your WordPress pages to display relevant content to users on the website.

Rules out of the box

For quick and easy set up, you can choose to use predefined rules straight out of the box:

  • If a user is logged in or not
  • The user is, or is not, from a specific country
  • When a certain amount of time has passed

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The PersonalizeWP user interface showing a returning visitor rule selected

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