Segment visitors into
custom audience groups

By segmenting your website visitors into groups, you can use personalisation to show different visitors content that is relevant to them.

Target groups of users

If your goal is to provide personalized content to your website visitors, then creating segments or groups of visitors is an easy way of targeting who should see what.

PersonalizeWP provides you powerful segmentation options based on both the data in a visitor’s profile, and the actions and behaviours they display when using your site.

Out of the box segments

As part of your onboarding with PersonalizeWP, we ask questions about the type of site you are running, and based on your answers, we setup a number of segments ready for you to use.

These will allow you to immediately start grouping your visitors by location, whether they came from Google or Facebook, if they have ordered a product, or submitted a form. Even simple segments like these can offer powerful functionality.

Create unlimited
custom segments

You can create your own custom segments using any of the following options and types of segmentation

Visitor Location

Identify and target visitors based on their geographical location. Customize content to match local interests and preferences.

Page Visited

Track and segment visitors by the specific pages they visit on your site. Deliver content that aligns with their demonstrated interests.

Product Purchase

Segment users based on their purchase history. Offer personalized recommendations and promotions for a better shopping experience.

Product Category

Organize visitors by the categories of products they are interested in. Tailor your marketing efforts to match their specific interests.

Submitted Form

Identify and engage users who have submitted forms on your website. Use this data to follow up with relevant information and offers.

Referrer / Source

Segment your audience based on the source that brought them to your site. Tailor your messaging to reflect the context of their arrival.

URL Query

Use URL query parameters to create segments. Customize the user experience based on the specific search terms or parameters.

Lead Score

Group visitors by their lead score to prioritize high-potential customers. Focus your sales and marketing efforts where they have impact.

Segments are limitless

PersonalizeWP moves visitors into segments in real-time, as they take actions on your site, which means that they are always up-to-date.

As segments are virtual groupings of visitors that have matched the criteria you’ve set, it means that you can create as many segments as you wish and have complete flexibility over the users that appear in them.

Show different content per segment

Once you have setup your segments, you can choose to Show or Hide content based on whether the user is in that group or not.
For instance, perhaps you have setup a segment of users that have previously purchased a product on your site.

You can then create a block with a special content (i.e. a discount code) for those users, and choose to only show the block to those that match this segment. This prevents non-purchasers from seeing the content.

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