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Categorize website visitors effectively

Provide personalized experiences

Segmenting your audience into purposeful groups is key to delivering bespoke, personalized experiences.

PersonalizeWP equips your business with the tools needed to build strong customer relationships, improve conversion rates and foster long-term customer loyalty.

Efficient and cost effective

By using our intuitive segmentation feature, you can easily define contact groups using a range of different variables, allowing you to target content at specific audiences.

You don’t need any training or expert skills to go through the simple set up process, making it extremely cost effective.

The benefits of segmentation

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Deliver tailored customer experiences, improve conversion rates and more.

Your questions answered

PersonalizeWP is a versatile plugin for WordPress powered websites which enables a range of personalization features.

Allowing website admins to utilise a wide variety of conditional rules to create targeted content. Contributing to a more personalized customer experience.

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Giving your visitors content tailored specifically to their personal interests helps businesses to create more memorable, meaningful relationships by resonating with them more closely.

“71% of consumers reportedly expect personalisation these days, while 76% of consumers actually get frustrated when a website has no personalisation” McKinsey & Company

Personalization has been proven to reduce bounce rates, improve customer retention, increase conversion rates and produce quicker return on investment.

PersonalizeWP offers endless possibilities when it comes to creating targeted content.

Some examples include:
– showcasing opening times
– highlighting seasonal sales
– providing returning users with promo codes
– target iPhone users

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There are currently four subscription options when installing PersonalizeWP.

You can choose to go with the free version or you can select either a standard, pro or enterprise level membership.

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