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Segmentation by Visited Page

PersonalizeWP offers powerful segmentation options to allow you to group users into different segments based on their data or behaviour. By using segmentation, you can target the right content to the right visitors based upon your understanding of what their needs are.

Page-based Segmentation

When a visitor visits a page on your site, their activity will be added to their Visitor Profile, showing the page visited and the date and time it occurred.

Using this information you can group users into page-based segments so that all users visiting specific pages can be targeted directly.

For instance, you may wish to show users that have visited a sales page on your site different content to those that have visited a support page. If you create a segment for ‘Sales Page’, then you can identify and serve different marketing to prospective leads than those that have already purchased your product and are looking for follow-up support.

Creating Page-Based Segments

You can access PersonalizeWP’s segmentation tools by going to WP-Admin > Personalize > Dashboard > Segmentation.

On this screen, you can view a paginated list of all segments currently active and inactive, including the type, reason and a count of all visitor profiles in each group.

Create Segment

Clicking on Create Segment takes you to the screen where you can create a new grouping. You enter a name for your segment and then choose Type > Visited Page from the dropdown.

This will display a new input field where you can search for the page or post that you want to monitor. If your WordPress setup works in a way that the page or post does not appear using the search, you can also add your own URL in a separate field, meaning you have complete flexibility.

You can add as many pages as you wish by adding multiple items.

Click on the button to Create Segment and return to the list screen.

Using Page-Based Segments

You can choose a segment in the Personalize sidebar for any block that you can selected in the Block Editor.

Segments has it’s own dropdown, and you can select any of the segments that are active. In this instance, choose your page-based segment and choose the behaviour for that block (show/hide) if the visitor meets that criteria.

You can combine a segment with personalization rules and lead score values to create highly targeted content.

Segmentation Actions

Visitors are automatically added to segments when they meet the criteria. For instance, if you have a segment for ‘Visited Sales Page’, then when a user visits that page, they will be added to that group immediately.

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