Use personalized visitor profile data in content blocks

PersonalizeWP allows you to display your visitor profile data fields in content blocks that then appear on your website allowing you to personalize your messaging

Personalized messaging on your website

PersonalizeWP builds Visitor Profiles of all your users as they navigate your website, and when they submit a form or complete a purchase their record is updated so that you know who each visitor is. Once you have this information, you can then personalize your messaging on your website to enhance both engagement and create a greater connection with your users. By ensuring that users know that you recognise them and are showing them content that is relevant, you can build trust and loyalty. 

Integrated with the Block Editor

When you edit a block in WP Admin using the Block Editor, you will be able to add Personalized Visitor Data directly into your content using a dropdown menu. No need for shortcodes or manual integration, PersonalizeWP provides this functionality to you with a click of a button.

Your original text is the fallback, and then if you have data in that field in the Visitor Profile, it overwrites this and shows it to the user. The integration means that you can do this directly from the Block Editor toolbar, inline with the content that you’re writing.

No-code visitor profile data fields

Use any of these fields in your Block Editor content blocks to personalize your messaging for you users, without needing to write code

First Name

Talk to your users with their first name to personally acknowledge who they are

Last Name

Add their last name to formalise your communications and connect in a professional manner

User Email

Use this field to remind members what email address you will be sending communications to


Personalise your content with the country that the user comes from or is accessing from

WordPress User Role

Make sure your users understand what role they have (i.e. member, subscriber)

WordPress User ID

Remind your users of their WordPress ID and use this field to show it on screen to them

Seamless integration with these plugins out of the box

Advanced Custom Forms

Gravity Forms

Gutenberg Editor

Kadence Blocks

Ninja Forms

Woo Commerce

WS Forms

Coming Soon

Frequently asked questions

You can add Personalized Visitor Data fields in your content by selecting content in your block in the Block and choosing to replace it with a field from the dropdown menu.

Yes, the text or content that you choose to replace acts as the fallback content. This will appear if there is no data in that field for that user, for instance if they are still anonymous or you have the privacy feature switched on. If there is data, this will replace the fallback text.

As we develop the plugin further, we will be extending the number of personalized data fields that are available in the Block Editor. If you have suggestions for what you might find useful, please let us know with a feature request via our contact form.

We’ve integrated this feature directly into the Block Editor so that it is a no-code feature that can be easily used by marketers and content administrators without the need for developer. We may add the ability to do this in code at a later date.

Any plugin that natively integrates with the Block Editor should be able to use this feature, but we do not support every page builder, editor or framework at this time. If you have a question about whether a specific plugin is supported, please get in touch.

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