Privacy-first collection of your visitor profile data

PersonalizeWP provides features to ensure that the way you collect data is done in a privacy-first way and provides features to keep users anonymous

Cookie-less data collection

With the introduction of stricter data protection regulation and an increase in user awareness of their personal and data privacy, use of cookies can erode trust in your brand and make visitors seek privacy-first experiences. 

PersonalizeWP uses a first party browser-based data collection method, which provides more accurate data whilst aligning better with privacy regulation and user expectations. Using a cookie-less method improves user security, and reduces visitor concerns over tracking. 

  • Uses local browser storage
  • Doesn’t require a cookie message 
  • Enhanced user privacy

Keep your user profiles anonymous

PersonalizeWP comes with a dedicated feature to keep your visitor profile data anonymous, even when users enter their details into forms or purchase products. 

By using this option, you can still track visitors to your site, and segment, score and personalize their journeys, but it won’t add any personally identifiable information to their profiles. This means that you can have all the benefits of using PersonalizeWP without the need to consider how data is stored in your WordPress database. 

  • Additional privacy compliance
  • No PII data stored for users
  • Continue to segment, score and personalize content

Seamless integration with these plugins out of the box

Advanced Custom Forms

Gravity Forms

Gutenberg Editor

Kadence Blocks

Ninja Forms

Woo Commerce

WS Forms

Coming Soon

Frequently asked questions

The plugin uses a browser feature called Local Storage to generate a unique ID for each user that visits your site. The ID is retained in the browser even when cookies and history are cleared. As your visitors navigate your site, an event is sent to the plugin each time they visit a page, submit a form or purchase a product using their unique ID.

All visitors have anonymous profiles before they have entered any information into the site. This means that whilst we can track them and view their behaviour, we don’t have any personal details to associate with them such as name or email address, and therefore they just have a unique ID.

This can be enabled in the Settings section of the plugin. On this screen is a checkbox called Anonymise Profiles that, when enabled, will anonymise the content stored in Visitor Profiles.

No, it will not affect any data already collected before the setting has been enabled. Once it has been turned on, it will anonymise any new data.

If you disable the Privacy feature by unchecking the option on the Settings screen, then the plugin will start associating any entered personal data with profiles again. All previously anonymised data will remain anonymous.

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