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PersonalizeWP helps you to increase your store conversion rate

If you run an ecommerce site, then you know that if you can increase the average order value of each customer, then you’ll drive increases in revenue. PersonalizeWP helps you do that by allowing you to track your visitors and provide them what they need to nudge them into making purchases in your store using personalized content at the right stage of their journey. 

Understand your visitor’s behaviour and purchasing patterns

PersonalizeWP helps you to track visitors on your site so that you can understand their behaviour, without the need for complex analytics integrations. 

Each page visit is recorded on their visitor profile, and as they take specific actions such as making purchases or viewing content, you can put them into segments that allow you to target them later in their journey, or give them points for their lead score. 

And because of our tight integration with WooCommerce, you can take advantage of rules that focus on sales made on products in specific categories or products, or even the value of their cart. 

  • Track visitor behaviour around your site
  • Segment and score based on purchases or cart value
  • Understand who it is a high-value lead and nudge to convert

Provide them with discounts and offers at the right time

Customers often need a nudge in the right direction to get them to convert. And you’re used to offering them discounts and offers to help them make that decision. 

But are you showing them the right offer at the right time? PersonalizeWP can help you to show personalised and targeted content to visitors based on their previous behaviour and how likely they are to make a purchase. 

You can also add custom rules, even stringing together multiple conditions to create super-targeted content, such as a returning visitor who has purchased a product in a specific category and been looking at a product for more than 1 minute.

Perfect for e-commerce stores

PersonalizeWP has been designed from the ground-up to help e-commerce businesses to sell and convert more sales in their store. Whether it’s through segmentation, lead scoring of highly engaged visitors or targeting customers with personalized content, PersonalizeWP offers you the ability to generate higher revenue.
PersonalizeWP is a no-code, WordPress-native solution. It’s designed to be easy to use for both marketers and content admins, using a familiar WordPress interface. For WooCommerce users, we set up segments and rules for you to start using straight away, without the need for complex configuration.
Providing a discount to returning users incentivises them to make additional purchases, fostering customer loyalty, and encouraging repeat visits, thus turning one-time buyers into regular customers. PersonalizeWP offers a simple personalization rule to identify returning visitors and show them content, hiding it from everyone else.

Deliver targeted campaigns with personalisation rules

Use the full range of our personalisation rules to deliver targeted content to complement your marketing campaigns

Utilize geo-targeting to display location-specific content, offers, and promotions. Offer discounts and nudge clients with items in their WooCommerce basket. Provide personalized messaging to visitors coming in from social media platforms or PR outreach. 

  • Target by location, time, date, device type, referrer and query type
  • Create custom personalized landing pages by referrer
  • Track visitor’s behaviour once they are on the site 

Direct integration with WooCommerce and form plugins

PersonalizeWP integrates directly with plugins such as WooCommerce, Gravity Forms, WS Form and Ninja Forms, allowing you to map data from your shop and forms to visitor profiles. 

Every time a visitor takes an action with one of the plugins, we feed their data into our database to allow you to build up a picture of each visitor. And based on their actions, you can segment them into different groups or add points to their lead score. 

  • Track product and category purchases in WooCommerce
  • Map data from form plugins into visitor profile fields
  • Use customer actions to fire segmentation and scoring rules

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