Lead scores for your visitors

By adding custom scores to your visitor profiles when they complete specific actions, you can start to determine which users are the most engaged.

Score users actions

As visitors interact with your site, a point score is assigned based on their actions to help gauge their engagement with your content or brand.

1 point is awarded for each page visit, 10 points for each completed form, and 50 points for each product purchase.

Identify high-value users

Each visitor’s Lead Score is cumulative: the more actions they take, the more points they accumulate, resulting in a higher lead score attached to their profile.

This score helps you identify highly engaged visitors, making them more likely to convert into paying users or customers.

Identify negative actions

Not every action needs to have a positive score attached to it – you can set negative scores as well. This helps to maintain an accurate sense of who is a real lead or not.

If they’re browsing your Careers page, they’re likely looking for work not purchasing, or if they come from a competitors website, they might be just researching your brand.

Segment by lead score

Segment users by their lead score, allowing you to show different content based on how engaged you think they are.

Show discounts to visitors with high lead scores to encourage sales, or unlock exclusive discounts to those that complete several high-value actions.

Seamless integration with these plugins out of the box

Advanced Custom Forms

Beaver Builder

Gravity Forms

Gutenberg Editor

Kadence Blocks

Ninja Forms

Woo Commerce

WS Forms

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