PersonalizeWP includes many free features that work out of the box and can help you to personalise your content for your visitors.

Using only first-party data, you can ensure a privacy-first approach whilst still ensuring that you are driving conversions and optimised UX journeys.

Choose from rules around location, date, time, referrer, query string, behaviour and more.

The PersonalizeWP user interface showing rules that can be selected

Location Targeting

Target content depending on where the visitor is accessing the website from.

New vs Returning Users

Choose to show or hide content blocks to new or returning visitors, this could be used to offer a discount code to encourage a returning visitor to make a purchase.

User is Logged In

Target users based on whether they are logged into the website or not.

Referral Source

Users can utilise this rule to target visitors coming from specific referral sources, such as Google or Facebook for example.

Device Targeting

Target content blocks towards visitors using a specific device. For example you could choose to show content relevant to iOS users when they are visiting your website.

Custom Dates and Times

Choose to show/hide content blocks during a particular date range or on specific dates/times, for example during a promotional sale period or to showcase opening hours.

Query String Data

This rule can be used to target query string information, usually found within the URL. This could be useful to target search terms and offer information/offers on a particular product or style.

Time Spent on Page

Choose to show or hide content blocks depending on how long the visitor has been on the website/page.

Cookie Values

Show or hide content based on the value of cookies within the page or website. This rule will be useful to target visitors who have shown an interest in a specific product.

User Roles

Users can show/hide content depending on the visitors role in relation to the website.

Get Started with PersonalizeWP

Installation is free, quick, and easy via the WordPress Plugin directory