PersonalizeWP for small businesses

PersonalizeWP helps you to communicate in real-time with your users

Running a WordPress website as a small business requires ongoing updates to keep your content current and aligned with your evolving goals and audience needs. It’s important that your users can quickly find what they need and convert effectively. With PersonalizeWP, you can reduce the workload on your team by automating personalized content tailored to your audience. For example, display specific content when your business is closed, highlight discount offers to engage users, and recommend products based on your user’s browsing history.

Showcase different content out-of-hours

PersonalizeWP allows you to dynamically change website banners, messages, and offers based on various factors such as time of day, user location, and behaviour. For example, you can display specific content during off-hours when your business is closed. This could include informative articles, contact forms, or promotional messages encouraging users to return during business hours.

Adjust content based on user location

PersonalizeWP also enables you to tailor content based on your user’s location. The plugin can segment your users using privacy-first data tracking to identify their location when they come to your website. You can greet visitors with region-specific messages, highlight local events or offers, and provide relevant contact information. This makes your website feel more personalized and connected to each user.

Easy and simple to use out of the box

PersonalizeWP is a no-code, WordPress-native solution. It’s designed to be easy to use for both marketers and content admins, utilising a familiar WordPress interface. 
Understanding your users’ behaviours in using your website with the support of PersonalizeWP will help you in your marketing efforts and allow you to segment your users and target them with personalised content all through your WordPress admin dashboard. 
Automating personalized content updates means your team spends less time on manual administrative tasks and more time focusing on core business activities. PersonalizeWP streamlines the process, ensuring your website remains dynamic.

Deliver targeted campaigns with personalisation rules

Use the full range of our personalisation rules to deliver targeted content to complement your marketing campaigns.

Utilize geo-targeting to display location-specific content, offers, and promotions. Offer discounts and nudge clients with items in their WooCommerce basket. Provide personalized messaging to visitors coming in from social media platforms or PR outreach. 

  • Target by location, time, date, device type, referrer and query type
  • Create custom personalized landing pages by referrer
  • Track visitors behaviour once they are on the site 

Direct integration with WooCommerce and form plugins

PersonalizeWP integrates directly with plugins such as WooCommerce, Gravity Forms, WS Form and Ninja Forms, allowing you to map data from your shop and forms to visitor profiles. 

Every time a visitor takes an action with one of the plugins, we feed their data into our database to allow you to build up a picture of each visitor. And based on their actions, you can segment them into different groups or add points to their lead score. 

  • Track product and category purchases in WooCommerce
  • Map data from form plugins into visitor profile fields
  • Use customer actions to fire segmentation and scoring rules

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