Show and hide content using access controls

PersonalizeWP provides powerful access controls that allow you to show and hide content blocks using a password, WordPress user roles or even a single WordPress user ID

Restrict content using a password

If you need to be able to restrict content to specific users, PersonalizeWP provides you with the ability to add a password to a single block, or a group of blocks.

When visitors arrive, they are shown a password input and if they enter the correct details, then the block will be shown to them automatically. Those without the password won’t see it, and because we don’t load the content until the password is entered, they won’t be able to use a workaround to get it. 

  • Hide specific blocks
  • Create private content
  • Cannot be seen by search engines

Show or hide content based on user role

If you run a membership site or want to restrict content to a set of users, then PersonalizeWP offers you just that with our User Role feature.

For any block, you can choose one or more WordPress user roles that have access. And because it hooks natively into WordPress user management, then it covers any custom role types that you have created for your site.

  • Create private content for groups of users
  • Use it for private blogs
  • Use any user role type

Tailor content to specific logged-in users

In an area of personalised content and landing pages, many marketers want to be able to tailor content on a page to a specific user. This allows them to use Account-Based Marketing tactics, where you show content that is particular to that user – for instance an offer customised directly for them.

With PersonalizeWP’s UserID access control, you can search for one or more users in your site that will see the content, and no-one else will get to view it when they go to that page. 

  • Custom landing pages
  • 1-2-1 content for users
  • Can be multiple users

Use our access control features for different use cases

Everyone has a different use case, but PersonalizeWP offers different levels for access control that fit to your needs perfectly. Choose from password, user role or user ID to find the solution that works for you.

Restrict specific content

Use the password control to ensure that only the right users get access to specific content blocks

Content for different groups

Want to restrict content to certain types of members or subscribers? The User Role control has you covered.

User-specific landing pages

Creating landing pages that you want to be dynamic for certain users? Use the User ID control.

Seamless integration with these plugins out of the box

Advanced Custom Forms

Gravity Forms

Gutenberg Editor

Kadence Blocks

Ninja Forms

Woo Commerce

WS Forms

Coming Soon

Frequently asked questions

If you are editing a page in your site and you click on a block, you’ll see the PersonalizeWP Access Control in the sidebar. It has three options: Password, User Role and User ID, all of which can be turned on for that block. Once an option is enabled, you can choose the settings for that block.

Yes, you can use it on a group of blocks, meaning that you can create complex multiple block-based layouts and then add access control to the whole group.

If you have enabled the password access control feature, then a password box will be shown to the user instead of the block content. When they enter a password, PersonalizeWP will check if it is correct and if it is, will show the content of the block. If it is not correct an error message will be displayed.

If you are displaying products using WooCommerce blocks then you can use the Access Control features on any of these blocks, allowing you to show/hide products.

If you are using a block-based theme, ACF Blocks or a framework such as Kadence or Beaver Builder, then it will work without any problems. If you do run into any problems, get in touch with our support team and we’ll help you out.

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