Personalize your content for different users

Enable endless possibility for targeted content that shows the right message to the right visitors at the right time.

Pre-built rules out of the box

PersonalizeWP comes with a wealth of pre-built personalization rules for you to start using straight away.

Boost engagement with our ready-to-use rules that adapt your content to visitor behavior and preferences. Implement these rules effortlessly and create a more dynamic and relevant user experience from the moment you install the plugin.

Create your own custom rules

PersonalizeWP gives you the flexibility to craft your own personalization rules tailored to your specific needs.

With our intuitive interface, you can easily define conditions and actions that fit your unique audience. Enhance user experience by delivering precisely the content they seek, all with a few simple clicks.

Every type of personalized rule you can think of

Create targeted content experiences for your visitors. Use these rules to tailor interactions and boost engagement.

New vs Returning Visitor

Create personalized experiences based on whether the visitor is new or returning to your site.


Tailor content according to the visitor’s geographical location for a more relevant experience.

Date / Time

Customize content based on the specific date or time of the visit to enhance user engagement.

Time of Day

Deliver targeted messages and offers depending on the time of day for better engagement.

Referrer / Source

Personalize content based on the referral source, such as social media, search engines, or email campaigns.

Logged In/Out

Display different content for users who are logged in versus those who are not logged in.

Submitted Form

Show personalized content to users who have submitted a specific form on your site for better targeting.

Purchased Product

Recommend products or content based on previous purchases made to enhance shopping experience.


Target specific user segments with tailored content to increase relevance and engagement.

User Role

Display different content based on the user role, such as admin, subscriber, or customer type.

Dwell Time

Adjust content based on how long visitors spend on your site to maintain their interest.

Category Purchase

Show related products or content based on the categories of items the user has previously purchased.


Remember user preferences and provide a more personalized and consistent experience.

Lead Score

Personalize content based on the lead score to prioritize high-value prospects for your business.

Query String

Customize content based on query string parameters in the URL for a more tailored experience.

Items in Basket

Offer personalized recommendations and incentives based on items in the user’s shopping basket.

Total Spend

Reward high-spending customers with exclusive content or special offers to encourage loyalty.

UTM Tags

Modify content based on UTM parameters to track and optimize your marketing campaigns.

Chain together
multiple rules

Combine multiple personalization rules to create complex and dynamic user experiences effortlessly.

With PersonalizeWP, you can link rules together to refine your content delivery. Target your audience with precision by layering conditions and actions, ensuring your visitors receive the most relevant and engaging content possible.

Works on sites even when cached

Elevate your website’s user experience with PersonalizeWP’s dynamic personalization rules. Our innovative technology ensures that your personalized content remains dynamic and responsive, even when cached.

Explore the possibilities of personalized content delivery that doesn’t falter, even in cached environments.

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