Show content to returning users

Personalizing content for returning users, such as recommending products based on previous purchases or tailoring news articles to their interests, enhances the user experience and boosts engagement making the user feel valued and understood.

Enhancing engagement through personalization

To customise content for returning users and drive conversions, use the Segment & Visitor Profile features in PersonalizeWP to gain better insights into user behaviour.

These features help you understand your audience’s interactions with your website, such as which pages they have visited, enabling you to segment them as returning users and target them with related products or content. 

By setting up segments for returning users and tracking their interactions, you can better understand their preferences and personalise their experience on your website to better engage with them. 

Examples of how you might target users

Target returning users with tailored product offers, discounts or articles related to their browsing history by leveraging insights from the Segment & Visitor Profile features in PersonalizeWP.

Personalize page elements

Within your WordPress admin, you can customise the content that is presented to your returning users to show them that you value their interest in your business.

Reward your returning users

If a user has previously purchased a product or engaged with certain content on your website, present them with a discount acknowledging the reward is based on their engagement with the website.

Enhance your user experience

Target returning users by presenting content related to their previous visits, such as sharing articles similar to those they’ve reviewed before and suggesting additional content based on their interests.

Track users across your site

As users move around your site, we track their actions in real-time – visited pages, login times, product purchases and form submissions.

Their visitor profile is continuously updated, allowing you to see their navigation path and the content they engage with. This enables you to track every page they visit throughout their journey.

Score and segment

Track visitor behaviors to gain insights into their interests. Score users based on their actions—like page visits, form submissions, or purchases—to gauge engagement levels.

Segment users by location, product category, referral source, or other criteria for targeted interactions.

Frequently asked questions

Content personalization for returning users involves tailoring the website experience based on the user’s previous interactions and preferences, enhancing their engagement and satisfaction.

Personalizing content improves user experience, increases engagement, boosts conversion rates, and fosters customer loyalty by making the user feel valued and understood.

Returning users can be identified through cookies, user accounts, and tracking tools that monitor and log user visits and interactions on your website.

Use data such as browsing history, previous purchases, search queries, and user preferences to tailor content and recommendations.

Examples include recommending products based on past purchases, suggesting articles related to previously read content, and displaying personalized offers or discounts.

PersonalizeWP offers features like Segment & Visitor Profile to gain insights into user behaviour, allowing you to create segments and track interactions for effective content targeting.

Segment returning users based on criteria such as frequency of visits, purchase history, browsing patterns, and engagement levels to tailor content more accurately.

Benefits include increased user engagement, higher conversion rates, improved customer satisfaction, and stronger customer loyalty.

Measure effectiveness by tracking key metrics such as engagement rates, conversion rates, average session duration, and customer feedback to assess the impact of personalized content on user behaviour.

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