PersonalizeWP for web and marketing agencies

Provide conversion rate optimisation services to your clients

Marketing and digital agencies that want to deliver powerful Personalization and CRO services to their clients can benefit from using PersonalizeWP.

Put in place visitor tracking, segmentation, lead scoring and personalization with an out of the box solution that allows you to generate more revenue through additional planning, development and retainer spend. 

Increase your competitive advantage and stand out

Offering advanced personalization services sets your agency apart from competitors who may only provide standard web design and development. It positions your agency as a leader in innovative and effective web solutions, and can help you to win business. 

Using PersonalizeWP, you can provide Conversation Rate Optimization and Personalisation as key services that your agency offers to WordPress clients, without needing to implement expensive enterprise services that you need to be trained on. 

  • Put CRO at the heart of your pitch stategy
  • Offer Personalisation as a service for additional revenue
  • Provide clients with a cost-effective solution

Grow the ROI of your client’s marketing efforts

Personalized marketing campaigns often yield higher returns on investment (ROI) because they are more targeted and relevant. This means marketing budgets are used more efficiently, driving better results for clients. 

By improving conversion rates, CRO directly impacts a client’s bottom line. Higher conversions mean more leads, sales, and revenue, which translates to tangible business growth for your clients.

  • Implement customer segmentation quickly and easily
  • Optimise landing pages weith personalised content
  • Provide performance metrics and measurements 

Perfect for web and digital marketing agencies

PersonalizeWP has been designed from the ground-up to deliver benefits to agencies that are delivering web and marketing services. We should know; Filter, the team that developers PersonalizeWP, is a leading WordPress agency and offers personalization and CRO options for clients based on PersonalizeWP. 
PersonalizeWP is a no-code, WordPress-native solution. It’s designed to be easy to use for both marketers and content admins, using a familiar WordPress interface. As part of our onboarding process, we ask questions about your setup and based on your answers we create default segments and rules for you to make a start with.
If you’re looking for a way to increase revenue for your agency and lean in to new services that you can sell to clients, then PersonalizeWP can help you. It’s designed for agences that want to be able to offer a suite of improvements under the banner of Conversion Rate Optimisation and Personalisation.

Deliver targeted campaigns with personalisation rules

Use the full range of our personalisation rules to deliver targeted campaigns to complement your client’s marketing.

PersonalizeWP offers the ability to understand and track visitors to your clients website and allows you to segment and score them based on their browsing patterns, purchases and what they are interested in.

Utilize geo-targeting to display location-specific content, offers, and promotions. Offer discounts and nudge clients with items in their WooCommerce basket. Provide personalized messaging to visitors coming in from social media platforms or PR outreach. 

  • Target by location, time, date, device type, referrer and query type
  • Create custom personalized landing pages by referrer
  • Track visitors behaviour once they are on the site 

Integrate with key WordPress plugins

PersonalizeWP integrates directly with plugins such as WooCommerce, Gravity Forms, WS Form and Ninja Forms, allowing you to map data from your shop and forms to visitor profiles. 

Every time a visitor takes an action with one of the plugins, we feed their data into our database to allow you to build up a picture of each visitor. And based on their actions, you can segment them into different groups or add points to their lead score. 

  • Track product and category purchases in WooCommerce
  • Map data from form plugins into visitor profile fields
  • Use customer actions to fire segmentation and scoring rules

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