Personalization for WordPress

The easiest way to personalize content on your WordPress website using the Block Editor

  • Show and hide every block
  • Use pre-built and custom rules
  • Collect data and build visitor profiles
  • Segment users based on their behaviour

Dynamic content personalization made easy

Tailored experiences made easy

By using advanced personalization rules, you can tailor every visitor’s experience with ease. PersonalizeWP offers a diverse set of features to simplify targeting by location, time, device and other variables.

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Effortless customer data management

Say goodbye to guesswork by building visitor profiles that track activity such as page engagement, form submissions and more. Gain an overview of your entire customer journey from one central hub.

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Seamless visitor segmentation

Introduce segments to automatically categorize visitors into different contact groups by using a range of different variables. Improve conversion rates, nurture customer relationships and foster long-term retention.

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Simplify your lead scoring process

Spot high-quality leads with automated lead scoring and focus on important sales opportunities. Automatically qualify leads, align your content strategy to visitor progress, enhancing your customer journey and increasing conversions.

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I was struggling to make my WordPress site stand out in a sea of generic content. Then I discovered PersonalizeWP, and everything changed! Now I can tailor the content on my pages to each visitor, providing a truly personalized experience. It’s like having a high-end digital experience platform right in my WordPress dashboard.
Joost de Valk
Yoast SEO

Built for your personalization


Personalize your content delivery, tailor offerings based on user behaviors and demographics, and optimize user journeys comprehensively with PersonalizeWP.

With automated lead scoring and segmentation tools, publishers can identify high-potential leads and deliver targeted campaigns effortlessly.

PersonalizeWP’s robust marketing automation refines outreach strategies, delivering personalized content and enhancing user connections.
Add a powerful tool to your arsenal, Personalize WP can be used to achieve a wide variety of objectives.

Whether you want to enable effective tailored customer experiences for your clients or introduce an easy way to manage customer data.

Our plugin is an invaluable addition to any WordPress website.
No matter your size or sector, Personalize WP can empower your business to easily create tailored experiences, without the need for expensive training or time consuming processes.

Personalize WP is not only cost-effective, it also enables a limitless number of possibilities when it comes to personalized content, nurturing customer relationships and increasing conversion rates.

Use a range of specific rules to show content to users based on their location, the time of day, the device they’re using and more. You can also build reliable customer profiles and track your entire customer journey, all from your WordPress website.

Get started with PersonalizeWP today!

Deliver tailored customer experiences, improve conversion rates and more.