Elevate your WordPress website with personalization

Visitors to your website or shop expect and deserve experiences that are optimized and personalized for them. PersonalizeWP lets you deliver unique content to the right audience, at the right place, and at the right time.

Understand your
website visitors

Monitor visitor interactions including page visits, content engagement, purchases, and form submissions.

Prioritize privacy with cookie-less tracking to ensure all collected data is first-party and stored directly on your WordPress site.

Score and segment

Track visitor behaviors to gain insights into their interests. Score users based on their actions—like page visits, form submissions, or purchases—to gauge engagement levels.

Segment users by location, product category, referral source, or other criteria for targeted interactions.

Automatically deliver personalized content

Enhance user engagement by delivering tailored content based on visitor behavior. Utilize advanced personalization to show relevant information, products, or offers that resonate with individual preferences.

Effortlessly integrate and ensure every visitor enjoys a unique experience, driving satisfaction and conversions.

Use personalized content to drive conversion

Leverage insights into visitor behaviors to personalize content, boosting conversion rates and revenue. Display tailored offers, like special discounts for returning visitors, or recommend content that aligns with their interests, effectively driving engagement.

Offer targeted discounts to repeat visitors or high-intent users to encourage purchases, increasing loyalty and sales.

Greet users with customized messages based on their location or browsing time, enhancing the user experience and engagement.

Present promotions and content tailored to the user’s social media source, optimizing engagement from specific channels.

Provide exclusive content to users based on their engagement level or past interactions, fostering a deeper connection.

Suggest products and content
based on user behavior and preferences, personalizing their customer experience.

Tailor special offers and content
to users based on their geographical location, making promotions and posts more relevant.

Deliver time-specific content
and offers tailored to the time of day or user’s browsing habits, maximizing relevance and response rates.

Encourage first-time purchases
by offering a welcome discount to new visitors, converting them into buying customers.

Send a follow-up offer or message
after a user submits a form, continuing engagement and encouraging further interaction.

Seamless integration with these plugins out of the box

Advanced Custom Forms

Gravity Forms

Gutenberg Editor

Kadence Blocks

Ninja Forms

Woo Commerce

WS Forms

Coming Soon

PersonalizeWP is the best choice for…

Marketing Agencies

Help clients optimize their conversion rate and integrate personalization tactics into their digital strategy, securing extra budget to deliver these services.


Better understand your customers by tracking visits, and encourage purchases with recommended content, discounts, and promotions.


Deliver exclusive, personalized content to your visitors based on their referral source, login status, whether they’ve submitted a form, or their viewing location.

Small Businesses

For physical locations, display varying opening times, menus, or offers throughout the day. If online, offer free shipping or provide support hours.

Membership Sites

If physical, show varying opening times and menus or offers throughout the day. Online, provide free shipping to specific locations and support hours.


Show varying opening times and offers for both physical and online presences, including free shipping to specific locations and targeted support hours.

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Key features

Enhance your website by enabling sophisticated personalization, visitor tracking, and audience segmentation, all designed to optimize user engagement and increase conversion rates effortlessly.

Visitor Tracking

Track visitor interactions site-wide, gather actionable insights, and optimize marketing strategies.

Audience Segments

Segment audiences based on behavior to deliver tailored content and improve engagement.

Personalized Content

Customize visitor experiences using rules based on location, time, and more for dynamic content delivery.

Preset Rules

Utilize pre-built and customizable rules to show or hide content based on specific visitor criteria.

Lead Scoring

Automate lead evaluation to prioritize high-potential prospects and enhance conversion tactics.

Form Integration

Seamlessly integrate forms to capture and leverage user information for personalized interactions.

WC Integration

Enhance e-commerce experiences by personalizing product recommendations and promotions.

Anonymous Profiles

Create profiles from both anonymous and logged-in interactions to support targeted marketing efforts.

Data Retention

Securely manage and store user data, ensuring compliance and effective personalization over time.

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