Personalization by Location

PersonalizeWP offers powerful personalization rules as part of it’s feature-set that allow you to show and hide content based on who they are, where they have come from and their behavoiurs and actions on your site.

By using personalization, you can create a more engaging and relevant user experience by tailoring content, recommendations, and interactions to individual preferences. This leads to increased user satisfaction and retention.

Location-based Personalization

When a visitor arrives on your site, the plugin will perform a Geo-IP lookup to determine which country they are accessing from.

Using this information you can then use location-based rules to show and hide content that is relevant and contextual to them.

For instance, you may wish to show visitors from France different information regarding delivery or offers than you show visitors from the UK. If you create a rule for ‘Visitors from France’, then you can show a different content block on your Delivery Information page to those from the UK.

Out-of-the-Box Rules

Based on your answers to our onboarding questions when you first activate the plugin, PersonalizeWP will have already setup default location-based rules for you, and these can be used immediately.

Creating Location-Based Rules

You can access PersonalizeWP’s personalization rule tools by going to WP-Admin > Personalize > Dashboard > Personalization.

On this screen, you can view a paginated list of all rules currently active and inactive, and an optional view by category.

Create Rule

Clicking on Create Rule takes you to the screen where you can create a new personalization rule. You enter a name for your rule, select the category you want to place it in, and then choose Conditions > User Location from the dropdown.

Next, you can select the comparator, which for this rule type is an option of:

  • Equals
  • Does Not Equal

Finally, you choose the country from the value dropdown. If you’re creating a rule that covers a wider area than just one country (for instance, Europe or Asia), you can use the +Add option to add as many countries as you wish.

Click on the button to Create Rule and return to the list screen.

Using Location-Based Rules

You can choose a rule in the Personalize sidebar for any block that you can selected in the Block Editor.

Rules has it’s own dropdown, and you can select any of the rules that are active. In this instance, select your chosen location-based rule and then determine the behaviour for that block (show/hide) if the visitor meets that criteria.

If you wish, you can add multiple rules to the same block, even those of a different type and category – for instance, location and device type.

You can also combine a personalization rule with segments and lead score values to create highly targeted content.

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