Show discount offers to users

PersonalizeWP allows the publisher to tailor specific content blocks to returning users by offering them exclusive discount offers.

Understand where your audiences come from

To customise content based on location, and drive conversions in certain regions, use the Segment & Visitor Profile features in PersonalizeWP to gain better insight into your users.

These features enable you to understand your audience from various parts of the world and organise them into segments that you define.

You can set up segments for different locations such as the UK, US, or regions like EMEA. By doing this, you can track your users interactions on your website to better understand the content they are engaging with. This will help you target them with specific content related to their location more effectively.

Examples of how you might target users

Targeting returning users and showing different discount offers can significantly enhance conversion rates for several reasons:

Enhance relevance & engagement

Offering personalized discount codes or special offers to returning users increases engagement by making them feel valued and appreciated, encouraging repeat visits and purchases.

Boost loyalty & retention

Providing exclusive discounts for returning users can enhance loyalty, making them more likely to return and make future purchases. This can include offering a percentage off their next purchase or a special deal on frequently bought items.

Maximise revenue

For retail businesses, showing returning users personalized discount offers can lead to higher conversion rates. By tailoring offers to products they have shown interest in or purchased before, you increase the likelihood of additional sales, enhancing overall revenue.

Track users across your site

As users move around your site, we track their actions in real-time – visited pages, login times, product purchases and form submissions.

Their visitor profile is continuously updated, allowing you to see their navigation path and the content they engage with. This enables you to track every page they visit throughout their journey.

Score and segment

Track visitor behaviors to gain insights into their interests. Score users based on their actions—like page visits, form submissions, or purchases—to gauge engagement levels.

Segment users by location, product category, referral source, or other criteria for targeted interactions.

Frequently asked questions

Discount offer personalization for returning users involves tailoring specific discount offers to users who have previously visited or purchased from your website. This can include exclusive promotions, repeat purchase discounts, and loyalty rewards.

Personalising discount offers for returning users enhances their sense of value and appreciation, encourages repeat purchases, builds loyalty, and increases conversion rates.

By offering discounts that are relevant to the returning user’s past behaviour and preferences, users are more likely to engage with the offers, leading to increased interaction and sales.

Yes, when users receive offers that acknowledge their loyalty and past interactions, they feel more valued, which builds trust and fosters a stronger relationship with the brand.

Implement discount offer personalization using user behaviour tracking, purchase history analysis, and segmentation tools to dynamically adjust displayed offers for returning users.

When implemented correctly, personalising discount offers should not significantly impact your website’s performance, especially if optimised for speed and efficiency.

Measure effectiveness by tracking metrics such as conversion rates, engagement rates, repeat purchase rates, and average order value. A/B testing different personalized discount strategies can also help determine the best approach.

Yes, ensure security by following best practices for data privacy and protection, using user data responsibly and in compliance with relevant regulations.

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