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Can I target users by how much time they have spend on a page?

If you’ve noticed people dwelling on specific pages, you could add a content block to appear after a certain amount of time which includes information to encourage them to make a purchase or take a particular action such as completing a form.

For example, you could add in a content block that includes a discount code to encourage visitors to purchase a specific product.

To do this you would need to:

  1. Add a content block using the WordPress block editor
  2. Add relevant information or a discount code to the block
  3. Go to the right-hand side menu to access the block settings
  4. Locate the ‘Personalize’ menu
  5. Go to ‘RULES’ and select ‘10-30 secs spent on page’
  6. Go to ‘THEN TAKE THE FOLLOWING ACTION’ and set it to ‘Show block’
  7. Update or publish your web page

After publishing your newly updated page, you should be able to see the content block appear after the amount of time you set.
If you’d like to learn more about using our audience segmentation features, you can watch an in-depth demo video here.

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