Managing Segments

PersonalizeWP offers powerful segmentation options to allow you to group users into different segments based on their data or behaviour. By using segmentation, you can target the right content to the right visitors based upon your understanding of what their needs are.

Viewing Segments

You can view segments here: WP Admin > Personalize > Dashboard > Segmentation. This will show a paginated list of all segments, both active and inactive.

Segment Detail Screen

You can view the details of a segment by clicking on the Segment Name from the list screen.

On this screen, you will be able to view the name, type and number of visitors in the segment. ou will also be shown a paginated list of every visitor profile in that segment, with details of their lead score and when were last seen.

Editing Segments

You can edit a segment and change it’s properties. When you make changes, the existing profiles associated with that segment will be retained, but may not be relevant to the new properties you set.

Deactivating Segments

You can deactivate a segment, which will turn off any automated actions that take place to put visitors that meet the relevant criteria into that group. Whilst it is deactivated, it will not add or remove visitors from that segment. You can reactivate a segment at any time to restore this functionality.

Deleting Segments

You can delete a segment from the list or detail screen. If you choose to delete a segment, this will not remove or delete any visitor profiles, but it will remove that segment from those users. A deleted segment is not recoverable.

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