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How does PersonalizeWP help businesses?

Personalisation is a useful tool for any user or business running on WordPress. A shop or restaurant, for instance, may wish to change its opening hours over a holiday period automatically or provide an offer to users arriving from a specific promotional URL. 

Equally, a larger company primarily focused on B2B may require deeper features, including targeting users by geographical location, subscriber base or membership level and developing personalisation strategies for different cohorts. 

Working with mid-market and enterprise businesses throughout our career, we have developed sites on many platforms. One of the key differences between WordPress and DXPs such as Optimizely, Sitecore and Kentico is that they offer content personalisation features out of the box. 

However, we know that these businesses are looking to migrate to WordPress and to do so, they require this functionality. If it is not present in the platform, they need to integrate with other services, such as Hubspot or Customer Data Platforms, or even remove WordPress as an option. 

The challenge is that this makes managing the site more difficult for content admins and forces them out of WordPress. We believe that businesses want and need these features and would like to complete them within WordPress, and most importantly, using the WordPress interface. 

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