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Who created PersonalizeWP?

PersonalizeWP is developed by Filter, a leading WordPress agency.

Led by experienced entrepreneurs with strategic and technical know-how, Filter has a respected track record for providing outstanding solutions across multiple verticals and sectors.

Filter is a remote company that has strong values as a family-first business where we empower our colleagues to allow them to achieve their full potential.

At our core, we believe that:

– Family is more important than work – whilst work provides us with fulfilment and we are proud of what we do, our families come first. Ensuring a healthy and happy work/life balance is important at Filter.

– Everyone has honest intentions – we believe that everyone works to achieve the best they can and that by believing that everyone has honest intentions, our relationships are stronger.

– People are fulfilled by doing work that they are proud of – recent events have taught us that it is important mentally to be fulfilled whilst at work and that delivering great projects helps us be proud of what we do.

– We should give back and always treat people fairly – we recognise that we are lucky to work in our industry and we want to help and encourage others to achieve success and reach their potential, giving back and helping where we can.

There is more information about our agency on our website.

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