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Can I target users in a particular location?

Once you’ve installed PersonalizeWP, you can start using it’s great features such as using advanced personalization rules to target specific segments of your audience.

You can choose to show or hide content blocks based on rules such as whether the visitor is accessing your website from the UK or the US.

For example, to target users in the UK you would need to:

  1. Add a content block using the WordPress block editor
  2. Add relevant content to the block for UK visitors
  3. Go to the right-hand side menu to access the block settings
  4. Locate the ‘Personalize’ menu
  5. Go to ‘RULES’ and select ‘UK-based visitor’
  6. Go to ‘THEN TAKE THE FOLLOWING ACTION’ and set it to ‘Show block’
  7. Update or publish your web page

Once you have done this, you should be able to go to your website, and if you are based in the UK, you will see your new block.

You can also do the same thing for US-based visitors and you can choose to either show or hide content.

If you’d like to learn more about using our audience segmentation features, you can watch an in-depth demo video here.

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