Hide blocks on mobile devices

Hiding blocks on mobile can greatly enhance the user experience for returning users by personalizing content, such as recommending products based on previous purchases or tailoring news articles to their interests, making the interface cleaner and more user-friendly.

A customised mobile experience boosts engagement

To customise content for those engaging with your WordPress website on mobile, you can segment those users who are coming to your website on mobile devices, and target them with content blocks that have been adjusted. Whether that includes different CTA’s or less copy for example, giving them a customised experience of your website will help improve conversions. 

The features of PersonalizeWP can help you understand your audience’s interactions with your website, such as which pages they have visited. By setting up a segment for mobile users you can track their interactions, you can better understand their preferences and personalise their experience on your website to better engage with them. 

Examples of how you might target mobile users

Target returning users by presenting content related to their previous visits, such as sharing articles similar to those they’ve reviewed before and suggesting additional content based on their interests.

Capture user attention

Show content optimised especially for users accessing your website using a mobile device to catch their attention and drive conversions.

Fully personalize your content

By inserting visitor profile data into your content and utilizing our segments feature, you can target your mobile users with minimal effort.

Create a better experience for mobile users

Improve your user experience by showing content targeting your visitors based on the type of device they’re using.

Track users across your site

As users move around your site, we track their actions in real-time – visited pages, login times, product purchases and form submissions.

Their visitor profile is continuously updated, allowing you to see their navigation path and the content they engage with. This enables you to track every page they visit throughout their journey.

Score and segment

Track visitor behaviors to gain insights into their interests. Score users based on their actions—like page visits, form submissions, or purchases—to gauge engagement levels.

Segment users by location, product category, referral source, or other criteria for targeted interactions.

Frequently asked questions

Content personalization for mobile users involves tailoring the website experience based on the type of device they are using to access your WordPress website, ensuring a more engaging and efficient mobile experience.

Personalising content for mobile users enhances user experience by delivering relevant, timely and context-aware information, increasing engagement and satisfaction. It leverages user data to provide tailored content, ensuring that users receive what they need in a format optimised for mobile devices, ultimately driving higher retention and conversion rates.

Examples of personalised content for mobile users include location-based content, tailored product recommendations, personalised marketing messages based on user preferences and behaviour.

PersonalizeWP offers features like Targeting by Device, Segmentation & Visitor Profiling to gain insights into user behaviour, allowing you to create segments and track interactions for effective content targeting.

When implemented correctly, personalizing your content with PersonalizeWP should not significantly impact your website’s performance, especially if optimised for speed and efficiency.

Measure effectiveness by tracking metrics such as conversion rates, engagement rates, repeat purchase rates, and average order value. A/B testing different personalized mobile strategies can also help determine the best approach.

Yes, ensure security by following best practices for data privacy and protection, using user data responsibly and in compliance with relevant regulations.

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