What is PersonalizeWP?

PersonalizeWP is a plugin to add Dynamic Content Personalisation to WordPress. The plugin was developed by Filter to provide a simple route for users to show/hide blocks using a rule-based approach – i.e. based on location, log-in/out, date and time, device type, or URL parameters.

We’ve added functionality to allow for multiple rules to be combined, and to ensure that the plugin works on cached sites. 

We’re currently developing the next stage of the plugin, which is to build contact records based on anonymous and logged-in behaviour on a website, adding lead-scoring, and dynamic segmentation. 

Further into the future, we want to expand the plugin to allow the storage of data offsite, analytics, A\B and multivariate testing, journey mapping, and add AI content recommendations and optimisation. 

The plugin enables businesses to create highly customised and engaging digital experiences to their audiences. It allows them to provide a rich experience to their visitors, thereby increasing time on site, their propensity to purchase and sales conversion.

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