Using Lead Scores

PersonalizeWP offers powerful lead scoring options to allow you to associate values to actions that visitors to your site complete. By using lead scoring, you can make distinctions between visitors that are highly engaged in your content and services and those that are browsing your site for other reasons.

How do Lead Scores Work?

When a visitor completes an action on your site that has a Lead Score value attached to it, their activity will be added to their Visitor Profile activity log, and their individual Lead Score will then be added or remove to based on the value of that action.

For instance, if you have lead score rules that value a form submission as 10 points and a visit to your shop page as 5 points, then when your visitor completes these actions, their Lead Score will show as 15 points.

Using Lead Score-Based Rules

You can choose a lead score range in the Personalize sidebar for any block that you can selected in the Block Editor.

You can choose to show or hide a block for users that meet the Min and Max criteria that you set out. Any user that falls within this range will meet the criteria.

You can combine lead scores with segments and personalization rules to create highly targeted content.

When to use Negative Values

You might want to use negative lead score values to differentiate potential purchases of your services from those interested in working for you. For instance, traffic to your website is not always consistent with making a purchase – sometimes a visitor is interested in working for you and wants to learn more about your company.

In this situation, you might want to assign a high negative value to any visitors that start browsing the careers section of your site – perhaps -1 for the careers landing page, and then -20 for the careers search. This will mean you don’t waste time targeting visitors that will never convert into a sale.

Lead Score Calculations

Visitors Lead Score calculations are automatically calculated when they are completed. For instance, if you have a lead score value of 10 for ‘Submitted Form’, then as soon as the visitor completes the form on their site, their lead score will be increased by 10.

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